The Deepa Goyal label embodies eminent flair for conception and design that truly captures breathtaking appeal in each of its individual creations. She manifests richness of style, cuts, drapes, colors and weaves in all her exquisitely handcrafted Couture. Her signature style is originality, as she moves between perfectly structured contemporary Couture statements and stunningly crafted Indian Bridal wear.

Her Couture creations cater to today’s woman, who is increasingly independent, discerning and global. It is a modern offering, focusing on the aura of the garment. This brand has a special appeal, it is fashionable, affordable and it is of the highest quality.The label constantly refreshes its designs and experiments with international trends to help customers create their own personal style.

Deepa Goyal combines Indian craftsmanship with innovative contemporary silhouettes to create an enigmatic, distinctive look. She works very closely with lines and fluidity of fabrics, three dimensional embroidery, volume play and extempore draping...The blend of traditional techniques, innovative treatments, and modern silhouettes brings an element of surprise to every piece of Deepa Goyal’s ensemble. It’s a symphony of class and flamboyance that are infused to create fashion statements that spell feminity and sophistication with wild rhapsody of shine and shimmer!

Her USP? Definitely the glam quotient, the desire to have her clientele stand out in a crowd with her unique cuts, her vibrant colors and her judicious choice of fabrics.

In a world where cultures are melting, yet individualism is becoming more important, Deepa Goyal finds her métier in understated glamour. Her muse, the modern empowered Indian women, who is both, a blend of cultural roots as she is of global exposure.The Label Deepa Goyal hence marries cultural foundation with modern interpretation. Applying innovative techniques to cultural forms, reinventing cultural embellishment and embroideries, the label brings a new dimension to contemporary Couture, Indian bridal and Trousseau wear. Sophisticated drapes, clean structure, styled cuts, premium fabrics, impeccable fit and finish together are the corner stone of Deepa Goyal’s designs.

Further, in her Indian bridal collections, she pushes ethnic fashion to the limits, almost to the dictates of her fancies. The revolutionary fusion of traditional crafts and contemporary haute couture generates an alluring, urbane, one-of-a kind handiwork is the signature of the Ensemble of Deepa Goyal. She has rejuvenated and redefined age-old Indian crafts as a fusion niche within the cosmopolitan market, allowing the valued artistic processes to live through her creations.

The Deepa Goyal bridal wear is designed for the modern Indian woman yet is in sync with her belief of celebrating heritage.The collections capture traditional weaving artistry, handmade embroideries and eternal weaves that are proudly handed down over generations. It fuses contemporary silhouettes with Indian influences to create an effect that is softly sensual. Its strength is its versatility. Every garment is crafted with specified design details for every bride. She has created heirloom bridal trousseaus for several eminent and reputable families across the globe.


Walk in to experience the joy, the individuality, the passion that Deepa brings to bear on every adornment she creates... because to her these are not mere cloth, they are vehicles that transport you to a realm of beauty and classic style.
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